The inherent treatment plan is the primary therapeutic orientation in biodynamic cranial practice. This plan, which arises from within, is a manifestation of the healing function the Potency of the Breath of Life. It can be supported by the practitioner, but is never the practitioner’s creation.

As the Biodynamic paradigm evolved, the emphasis shifted away from the teaching of anatomy to a focus on the essence of Primary Respiration - creative forces, the tide, wholeness and health, an orientation to the blueprint.

Yet, during my 25 years in Biodynamic practice, I have noted that frequently, ‘God is in the detail’. The inherent treatment plan focuses on a tiny locus in the body. When this occurs, knowing what’s in your hands rapidly catalyses the healing process.

‘Anatomy is the language of the body’. In each of the three seminars we will take a close look at part of the body: the chest, the belly and the face. For each region we will include the local connective tissue matrix, muscles, organs, autonomic and somatic nerves, blood and lymph network and common conditions. Knowing the body structures beneath your hands, will give you confidence in identifying signs of pathology such as, a locus of infection in the lungs, wear and tear in a joint, ischemia, congested lymph nodes or indications of heart disease. But above all, the simple act of knowing exactlywhat’s in your hands triggers some kind of sympathetic magic and the Potency of the Breath of Life initiates healing and repair.

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The Chest

rib cage, thoracic organs, the bags - pleura, pericardium, fluids – serous, blood, lymph, heart disease, ANS plexi, Respiratory diaphragm




The Belly

GI tract, digestion, enteric nerves, gut feelings, mesentery, blood and nerve supply, abdominal surgery, adhesions, gut immune system




The Face

Bony viscerocranium,

muscles of expression sinuses - immune function, mucus membranes, blood to brain, autonomic cranial nerves




















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